Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Having Trouble with an Image Download?

The digital scans of the maps in our collection are high quality images, which can sometimes make them large files. For that reason, when a download is purchased, the file is sent in zip format. However, if you're using an Apple device, the file is sent as a jpeg since zip files don't work with Apple products. If you've purchased a download and have trouble accessing it, it's likely because the file is very large. If you have any trouble with a download you've purchased, please send us an email with your order number and we will send you the jpeg file directly.

A Word on Print Sizing

All of our prints have a wide range of sizing options available. We recommend ordering maps that are at least the original, 100% size (or larger) for the best legibility. While we offer smaller sizes for some maps (based on their original size,) please keep in mind that the smaller you go, the harder it may be to read. If legibility is important to you, we don't recommend ordering any size that's smaller than the original dimensions. If you have any questions about sizing for any of our maps, please email us.

Our Return Policy

We strive to process your orders quickly. When an order is placed, we professionally retouch the image, place it on our custom antique looking background, and print it on archival, high quality paper. To limit waste and be environmentally friendly, we don't keep any back stock of inventory. Since all of our maps are custom printed to order for each customer, we can only process returns for maps that are damaged, or have something wrong with them. If you've placed an order and realize there's an error, please email us as soon as possible. If we haven't begun to process your order, we're happy to work with you to change or cancel it. If you have any questions at all during the ordering process, please don't hesitate to email us. We're happy to help you make a selection or choose an appropriate size.

Why Historic Map Works?

Historic Map Works has more than 1.6 million old maps and images in our collection. The vast majority of our database was created by scanning an original map at a high resolution by our team of highly skilled image technicians. Each print that's ordered is professionally retouched to remove any distracting blemishes (like watermarks or tears) while maintaining the maps authenticity. All images are placed on our custom, antique, sepia-toned background. We then print on high quality, archival paper which will prevent fading, and preserve each image for years to come.

Want to see our retouching process for yourself? Watch a time lapse video of our production specialist retouching a map for a customer.

Here is another before and after example of one of our map restorations. (Slide the marker to see the transformation.)

We're able to custom print sizes up to 59.5” on the shortest end, so if you're interested in a large print, please email us for a quote. We strive to provide excellent customer service, and want to ensure our customers are happy with their purchases. Email us any time at [email protected]

Still have a question?

If you were unable to find an answer in the sections above, you may contact us for support via the form on our contact us page, or email at [email protected]. To help keep our prices low, we are unable to offer phone support at the present time. Please be assured that your questions and concerns will addressed promptly when contacting us by email!